Kitchen Tidiness

Kitchen destruction post cinnamon roll construction

I’ve come to the realization in recent months that having a clean or, at least, tidy kitchen lowers my stress considerably. It seems strange that such a stupid little thing can improve my mood so much!

I actually really dislike washing dishes so, in the past, I’ve let the dirty dishes pile up until either there isn’t any more space on the counter or there are too many things that I need to use that are dirty. Having that huge pile just weighed on my mind because I knew I would have to spend hours washing to get all those dishes done. And yes, we do have a dishwasher that I do use, but there are just some dishes that either can’t go in the dishwasher or I don’t like how they get etched in the dishwasher. Picky, picky!

Now that I work from home and I have flexible hours I have been making more of an effort to step up my homemaking game, because, let’s face it, I was pretty mediocre at it when I was working full-time at an office.

So now I try to wash dishes as I make meals and have found that this strategy helps me get the washing done faster and by the time dinner is over I only have a couple dishes to clean up and I am done and have a tidy kitchen! It’s a good feeling!

True confessions: I am not 100% consistent with this practice, but doing it most days makes a big enough difference in mood and attitude that skipping a day here and there is okay.


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