Soggy Spring Fever

In the 9 days of Spring so far, we have gotten more than our fair share of precipitation in Whatcom county.  It has been fairly depressing weather lately and the fact that it is tacked onto the end of one of the worst winters in decades has not improved matters.  Spirits are flagging at the Old Glory.  Well, at least my spirits are.  I seem to remember, though, that early Springtime tends to be a bit rough on the emotions… you’ve made it through a long, dark, and damp winter and your cheerful endurance is almost exhausted but grey and dreary days persist.  So I will continue to grasp at the currently tiny thread of hope that real Spring weather is coming.


Our garden is under water.


Today, we made the decision to keep the horses in their turnouts and stalls instead of letting them out in the big pastures.  The horses are not a fan of this decision but, with their pastures under water, we felt it was best to minimize the damage their hooves cause when it is so wet and soggy out there. Especially a Clydesdale’s hooves.


The pastures that are currently lakes and ponds.


This afternoon, the sun broke through and the rain has stopped for the time being.  Suddenly, my attitude shifts into a happier, more hopeful place.  There is hope for sunny, warm Spring days and I can’t wait to get out there and do some yardwork!

(Check back in several months time to see if I still feel this way about yardwork)

Here’s to hoping that the rain stays away long enough that the standing water around here gets absorbed!


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