Everybody has to start somewhere…

20161105_204714 (2)I feel like I should give a small introduction to the cast of characters and setting of this blog.  The Old Glory Horse & Cattle Co. is the moniker my husband chose for our 4 1/2 acres of land in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We have a wonderful horse barn, several pastures, fruit trees, berry bushes, a garden and acres of yard in addition to our little house and garage that keep us plenty busy.


Winter at the Old Glory

My name is Caitlin and I like to think of myself as a Farmgirl but, in all honesty, I have many friends and acquaintances that are far more authentic Farmgirls than I.  My husband, Jon and I are both Washington born and raised; he on the Central/East side and me on the West side. Thankfully,  he decided to settle down in Whatcom county where he eventually met me and we fell in love, blah blah blah, and then married about 2 1/2 years ago. We added a tiny human to our little family about 3 months ago in the form of our daughter, Kit Cassidy.  She delights us no end. Jon is (in my book) a genius mechanic and fabricator at a local off road shop and now that we have a tiny human to take care of, I get to be a stay at home mom.  I recently started up a medical billing business that I can do part time from home.  God is good!


Kit Cassidy

A not so small part of the Old Glory Horse & Cattle Co. is our collection of animals.  Currently, we have 3 horses (we do not yet have cattle at our Horse & Cattle Co., but we hope to add some in the not too distant future).  Sadie, a 22-ish year old Rocky Mountain Horse, was the start of our little herd several years ago.  She actually came on the scene before my hubby did!  Sadie would spend the summers at my grandparents farm to eat down their small pasture of grass (as an added bonus, it saved me some $$$ in boarding fees), but she was lonely for a friend.  The cows across the road were just not cutting it in the friend department.  So I asked my friends who had a pony that was just hanging out in their field if I could borrow him for the summer to keep Sadie company.  They willing obliged and Scooter came to live with Sadie.  Scooter is a pony of indeterminate breed and age.  We’re thinking he’s in his mid teens and is a mix of Welsh and possibly Shetland pony.  He’s a small little squirt but, true to pony form, is a big stinker!  Anyway,  I sort of forgot to bring him back to my friends and after a year I finally asked if they wanted him back.  To which they answered “we hoped you had forgotten that you had him so you wouldn’t bring him back!” Turns out, they had their hands full enough with their herd of Clydesdales and just didn’t have time to care for another horsey mouth to feed.  So Scooter is (hopefully) destined to be Kit’s pony once she is big enough to ride him.  Those same friends were recently downsizing their herd of black Clydesdales as they are no longer showing their six horse hitch at the local fair.  I asked about Rhett, one of their hitch horses, as I had always liked the big guy with his pretty white markings.  They were willing to part with him, so Rhett came to live with us and round out our herd of horses.  He is most likely in his late teens which is starting to get up there in age for the draft horse breeds and is intermittently lame, but even if we don’t get to ride him he still makes a stunning pasture ornament.  Sometimes when they stand in the right order in the pasture it looks like the bars showing cell phone signal with small, medium, and large.

The other half of our collection of animals consists of our dogs.  We have three dogs; two indoor and one outdoor.  Rex is our outdoor dog and is very loyal to Jon.  He is a big ole chocolate lab that tends to be more happy than smart.  Angus, a 4 year old Frenchton, is also more happy than smart. We call it “Angus Happy” when someone or some animal is clearly oblivious to logic or even danger, but is incredibly thrilled with life.  He loves to snuggle whenever he gets a chance.  Olive, our 6 year old Frenchton, also loves to snuggle, but the snuggling must be done on her own terms and be her idea.  She tends to be the instigator of mischief around here.  I imagine her conversations with Angus sound about like this: Olive says “Destroying that thing that the humans really like sounds like a good idea, why don’t I demonstrate how to do it and then you, Angus, can finish it.”  And Angus, being more happy than smart, agrees to that plan and therefore tends to be the one who gets caught and chastised.

So there you have it.  The main characters at the Old Glory Horse & Cattle Company.


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